Introducing Scenius

I would like to introduce to you a great new concept! New too me, but maybe long lived for others. Scenius is genius in collaborative form. It’s genius not in genes but in scenes :) The term was invented by Brian Eno who’s definition looks like ”Scenius stands for the intelligence and the intuition of a whole cultural scene. It is the communal form of the concept of the genius.”. I read about it in Enlighten Next Magazine and got all hooked up.

Scenius is about mutual appreciation where risky moves are applauded by the group, subtlety is appreciated and hold your horses now people, friendly competition is not just ok, it’s a foundation ;) As soon as we invent something we share it. Ideas can flow quickly with a common language and a great sensibility. Network is the key and success is claimed by the entire scene or group. Tolerance and interest for different perspectives. Wow this is a place I want to be in :)

I am deep into cognition for the moment and reads and writes in order to understanding the self in communication and interaction. In my seminars we talk a lot of joint attention, co-regulation and intersubjectivity which always involves another part than just me. But, I have revolted a bit, searching for the inner dialog (Fogel, 1993) and it’s perspective regarding the concepts just mentioned. And as you readers have noticed, it’s a thrilling view letting me and myself go into full interaction with one another while developing … them both ;)

Now, doing the opposite with the concept of genius is actually genius :) Going from a single unit to a multiple collaboration in this description is a great example of systems theory with emergent behavior and effective synergies.  Secnius is a beautiful word with a great meaning. It’s dynamic system in it’s coolest essence and I will certainly use it during the next weeks to see what can come out of it!