Evolutionary evidence of Green Zone advantage

Researchers discover evolutionary evidence of Green Zone’s cooperation and trust. A new computer simulation support a long-held theory that social interactions may have triggered brain evolution in human ancestors showing that Green Zone behavior have been a long evolutionary advantage.

We green zone evangelists often talk about the optimal outcomes in human encounters, trying to minimize the strong urge to maximize our individual benefits and instead encourage a win-win approach. Those who use Radical Collaboration and have played the game, or those who have been cheated upon and tried to regain trust, all know what it’s all about. To be able to give away the chance of maximum output I need to feel a certain amount of trust that my co-op pays me back, ”the giving 30 approach”, without going for full maximum profit on my behalf. Now researchers have been simulating this behavior in neural networks to see how human brains have evolved. For us green beleivers it is obvious that the experiment with different games (including the intruiging Prisoner’s dilemma) showed that cooperation and win-win is superior in evolutionary terms. This can be seen as a nice empirical view and a concrete example of the green zone theory.Effectively used in both Radical Collaboration and The Human Element.

To use for number crunching, outside quadrants beleivers that want scientific proof beyond egg red zone production measurements ;)

Dive deeper and read the full Scientific American article at Cooperative Neural Networks Suggest How Intelligence Evolved.

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