Time to do something. Now.

A couple of different events the last couple of weeks have made me go red. Really red. I am a native swedish tongue and have a hard time cursing in english. But I get so angry and pissed off from all the crap we humans do around the globe! It started with a thread in Facebook about the whale slaughter in the Faroe Islands. It’s an old link from 2008 and discussions roam around that it isn’t Denmarks responsibility at all, but rather the autonomous Faroe government. You can read more in Wikipedia – Whaling in the Faroe Islands and Hoax Slayer – Denmark Whaling. Both describe this phenomena from different perspectives and there is an actual risk in being trapped in the fact about who is responsible for stopping the cruelty. But facts are clear to me. What I have seen from the slaughter, it is a mean way to kill animals and not worthy human beings nor the animals. I was horrified and put this on my list of all illnesses of the world today. But instead of sinking deeper into the dirt of doubts and just share the dissatisfaction. To change hopelessness over mankind. And not letting this viral Facebook message float along. I choose to act and try to change the flow of universe.  You can look at the example at Causes – End The Faroe Islands Whale Killing Festival. It is a web site for you who want to take a stand and make a change. You do that by signing a petition of names to hand over to the minister of Faroe Islands. So I signed. And I hope for some results.

Next event was an article in Amnesty International’s february members issue about Amila Filali who took her own life after being forced to merry the man who raped her! The article also contained information about the new law in Morocco which changes the way rapists can escape punishment by merrying their victims. This is a positive example of how activists inside Morocco and internationally can cooperate to mobilize pressure towards governments and change a country’s legislation to be more human. But in the same time a sad and horrible example of how cruel and heartless we humans can be towards each other.

But does signing petitions and protesting on the internet really work? The success in Morocco is a result from a combination of local protests inside the country and an international outrage. Besides my tears of grief for a life spilled, I feel hope that the world can change. If ever so slow. If I react. The world can be better. If we want to use our influence. Which feels good. So I sat down and looked for more signs of success in changing the behaviors of the rulers of the world. And I found a lot of examples and descriptions in this matter. One of the better I read was Care2 make a difference  who had a post just about the effects of activating through the internet – Slacktivism: Why Snopes got it Wrong About Internet Petitions. There are a lot of improvements throughout the world which people have accomplished by taking a stand and made their contribution on the net. Writing petitions and raising your voice. And what’s cool about it. You don’t have to spend all days writing petitions. If we all took one active step every year we’d have millions and millions of more contributors. And maybe once a month. Or once a week. With web sites like The Petition Site we can sign petitions as easy as we click like on our friends yummy dinner pictures on Facebook!

But what actually kick started my rage tonight was a call out from Ailish Schutz who through Facebook asked us to sign a petition and protest against the military and government in Kenya who burn down homes and evicts one of the indigenous people, The Sengwer people.  Her passion for mother earth and the energy that I felt in her outcry mobilized my powers and made me change the course for this nights activities. I followed her wishes and signed the petition. Towards all the madness in the world. And I wrote this post to help spread the word of helping the world.

Screenshot 2014-01-20 20.04.38

You can also sign by visiting Avaaz – Stop the Forced Evicitions. The military of Kenya is putting homes in fire and let houses, clothes, beds, school books, toys, everything burn to ashes. By calling these people squatters the government make them homeless and drive them shelterless and clothe less deeper into the forest. Read more at DGR News Service. But make sure to sign the petition and make your voice heard against violence like this!

So. You have read this far. You have gained a broader consciousness. Of the state of the world. Of what you can do to help. This expanded consciousness gives you a choice. You can’t escape. Do You want to? Help. Or not.

So. It is time to do something. Search a good cause. An activity to change the world to the better. You will find suggestions on sites like The Petition Site.

So. Do something. Now.

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