Sustainability and The Human Element

I have a dream that we can improve our society and leave a world to our children that we can be proud of. A society that’s more equal, less greedy, better in sharing resources, more in line with the environment and with an atmosphere where we are gentler and nicer to each other. Once in my life I thought it could be done with great IT systems and advanced tools, many years ago I realized that we would revolutionize the world with sleek processes and efficient methods, but I have in the recent years been convinced that it is we humans who need to understand ourselves and our place in life. And this is where the long term sustainability is created. Today I get a chance to work with this on Frontwalker and although we are a small office in Sundsvall, we have amazingly high skills in all these areas!

But after reading Ken Wilbers amazing book A Brief History of EverythingI got hooked up on Integral Theory where the basic idea is that we can reach even greater heights by integrating different disciplines in the same change stream. In addition to the effects of an Inside and a Outside that I described earlier in the Breakfast Introduction – The Human Element, we can see a huge momentum when we merge tools, processes, and human aspects into one combined model and in the same plans and work streams. As a result we get a powerful integrated sustainable development in which the multi facet work in change management ensures that we reach both the Inside and Outside and in which we develop both tools, smart methods and people at the same time. We will achieve a more sustainable society – socially, healthy and environmentally.

Max Hamburger has worked many years with sustainability in several areas, both socially and environmentally. To achieve these effects they send all their managers to leadership training with The Human Element because it gives every manager insights and self knowledge which makes them more effective and feel better. They stay longer at Max, and they become better managers of their employees. It also creates a culture that is spreading all the way out to customers. A good example of this is one of their sustainability initiatives where the customer can choose their food based on the impact on the environment that the meal offers. Openness, Own choice and Self-awareness is the basic elements of The Human Element and that is exactly what characterizes Max’s work with their employees and their customers. See the inspiring lecture by Pär Larshans by Max Hamburger.

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